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I think a change would do me good…

Two things have come to my attention recently,

  • ONE: I hate blogging. I love the finished product but the process is tedious, and I hate MINUTIA!
  • TWO: I bore easily.
  • THREE: OK, I know I said two things but there is a third. Blogging is crucial to business, and though there are many things I’d rather do, it has to be done!

SO! Welcome me to his new WordPress blog and pray that I actually stick to it!!! I thought perhaps using a different platform would give me a kick in the pants so here goes. Now I’m just learning my way around wordpress, so let’s see if I can figure out how to get this post to appear BEFORE my first actual post….hmmmmmm

I color outside the lines, what can I say!


Chelsea and Justin: The Prom Shoot

Chelsea and Justin are the first subjects I chose to feature on my prom. I’ve known Chelsea for a good deal of her life and I was so happy she asked me to take her and Justin’s prom pictures! Chelsea, a fellow horse lover and photography enthusiast, was gorgeous in her peacock gown and handmade peacock hairpiece. I happened upon this great dilapidated barn that was the perfect contrast to their polished, ¬†unusual look. I got lucky, nobody enforced those POSTED signs!

This pose reminds me of a fairy tale, and it is Justin’s favorite from the shoot. He was so handsome in his color coordinated tie and handkerchief!

Kudos to the limo driver, who happened to park in front of that old barn, causing me to notice it in the first place. I loved the way that black shiny car and that fancy-schmancy couple looked in front of it. I hope they had half as much fun at the prom as I did photographing them before they hopped into their chariot and waved goodbye!