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Double Trouble-The Sinclair Twins

This year I waited anxiously for the arrival of little Carter and Keanu, and I was lucky to photograph the family before there arrival and after. Big brother Kyle was great for the maternity shoot and I’m sure has been a big help to his mom and dad, whose wedding I did years ago and I’ve known them forever..

I was so excited I went prop shopping and found this great planter that looks just like a cut log! With much effort, we did get the big boys in there but their healthy size was a bit too much for the planter. Daddy is a loggin’ man and a tree guy, so I thought it was the perfect accessory. All in all though, nothing beats au naturale (naked babies!) , and that’s the shot I like best!

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>The Milestones in Life…


Looking back on 2010, I can see how fortunate I am in my life and my work. I had lots of time to ponder these thoughts over this dreary, bleak winter, and had so many opportunities that brought me such satisfation and joy!

Because weddings make up most of my business, you may not realize that I also enjoy photographing all aspects of people’s lives. I came to realize how valuble this is in the fall of 2010,

when I was seriously injured and could quite possibly have been killed. I spent the better part of two months recouping, regrouping, and redirecting the focus of my work to include other milestones in people’s lives. This brought me back to photographing children and babies, relationships, the very fabric of our lives and the reason we are are here.

This time in my life caused me to reflect on my own milestones, and how I wish I had done more to record them as they unfolded. As a photographer, I get the pleasure of making memories VISUAL for people to look back on and reminisce.

An infant’s time is fleeting, and they are a constantly changing blessing in life. They reach a new milestone much more often than we do as adults. I urge everyone to preserve these precious moments through photography, even though time and money are often hard to come by. It’s better to look back and be glad you did, than to look back and wish you had done more!