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Trashing the dress with a little Urban Exploration

One of the most exciting shoots I have been on this year, and possibly for a few years back as well, was a post-wedding/trash the dress shoot that Jennifer and Michael from Beautiful Memories Wedding Films  http://www.beautifulmemoriesvideony.com  invited me to join in on. I did not have the pleasure of shooting Kristen and Dave’s wedding, but I was more than willing when I heard they wanted to go all the way with it, essentially going where no one, or perhaps few people in a wedding dress, had gone. We researched  for about a week and planned out the day. Morgan’s Florist of Poughkeepsie, NY generously donated a red rose bouquet and we all met up early that morning for a serious adventure. I had become so addicted to urban exploration on the internet, and have always loved creepy abandoned buildings, barns, and churches, that I could hardly contain myself.

First stop? An abandoned warehouse known to many who enjoy a little Hudson Valley urban exploration, but frankly I doubt a bride and groom have ever been there! It was vast, covered in graffitti, and we could probably have spent the entire day there. (Well, that is, if location number TWO wasn’t such a big lure!)

ImageOh, how I wish there was room for more, but this was only stop one on our four stop tour…..Image

Next, the place I had been the most excited about, was ruins of the The Edward Cornish Estate in Cold Spring, otherwise known as North Gate. I had seen some pictures on the internet, courtesy of

http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/. I had read all about  Thom Johnson’s Banner Island book and Rob Yasinsac’s “Hudson Valley Ruins”   book about the treasures that can be found in the Hudson valley and Upstate NY, but I was in for a surprise when we got there (oh, what a hike) and they were THERE! They and some other volunteers were doing some cleanup around the property, which was deliciously overgrown and eerily beautiful. Here’s Thom and Rob , and a picture I took of a real photograph they had with them of Northgate in its day. WOW!ImageImage

And here is it is now, with Dave and the lovely Kristen in two of her THREE (yes, three) wedding gowns. The gown with the poet sleeves was Kristen’s mother’s gown, and I love, love, LOVED it.ImageImage

Tell me that dress doesn’t belong in those surroundings. Jenn, Mike and I were like kids in a candy store. That’s nothing new, when Beautiful Memories Wedding Films and Bolton-Reuter Photography get together, we’re usually a little on the dorky, excited side!Image

We also visited the streets of Beacon, where Kristen and Dave were actually serenaded by a famous Chinese opera singer in a little cafe. Unbelievable, right? Pics of that coming later…

But for now on to those gorgeously rotten trains in Ulster County that photographers love so much. I can’t say enough about the weathered patina that these things possess. Thankfully a picture is worth a thousand words!ImageImage

This was the very last shot I took of the entire day. Filthy, exhausted, and excited to see what images I made on that adventure.  Any brides and grooms up for exploring with me?


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  1. What a great opportunity to photograph a beautiful loving couple, gorgeous gowns and outrageous locations. A photographer’s dream come true. You are a trooper because the locations were difficult to get to. I love the finished product. Dramatic, edgy, unexpected.

    November 20, 2011 at 9:04 pm

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