Diversity is a virtue

>Renee and Pete’s Winter Engagement Portraits


This season I will have the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous couple’s wedding, and after spending time with them on their engagement shoot, I’d bet that their wedding images will be stunning. We began our shoot outdoors at my home based studio in the snow and it was COLD! Renee’s rich magenta scarf reflects the main color of their wedding and looks so striking against the cool whites and grays of winter. I’m a sucker for colors like this, they really POP!

We continued our shoot on the streets of Rhinebeck, NY, which is one of my favorite places to take a stroll with couples. The storefronts are jammed with beautiful displays and we found one with the magenta and green that will be accent colors in their September 2011 wedding. I just love this storefront, and it’s a good thing I didn’t go in..I would probably come out pennyless!!

Yikes…good thing I didn’t notice the “SALE” sign until later…I definitely would have been roped into a major prop-shop. Luckily, I concentrated on Renee and Pete and kept shooting! I can’t wait to see how their wedding turns out. With Renee’s sense of taste and style and Pete’s easygoing nature, I’m sure it will be a photographer’s dream. Congratulations guys!


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