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>Bridal Show at The Links at Unionvale

What a great turnout we all had at the Links’ Februrary 27th Bridal Show. The weather was exceptionally nice for February, and the brides came out. The Links’ Teri Stellato had 85 registered brides by the morning of the show, and who knows how many walk-ins!

Bridal shows are right up my alley: lots of people who are in the same business, old friends and new, and plenty of CANDY. I think they give the brides pumpkins instead of tote bags, there’s so much sweet loot to be had!

I worked hard setting up my booth and I loved the finished look (aside from not having a big sign with my name on it, DUH!!). It was fun to have a slideshow running for the first time ever and if nothing else, the music sure entertained me all day long. I was in my own little red and black world:)

Hair by Annaleise getting the girls ready for the bridal show!

Chamonix’s supplied the all of the dresses for the fashion show, but my favorite is still that little one on the hanger at their booth! How adorable it was, with purple flower petals all caught up in the tulle at the bottom!

A big hit with brides was Moxie Cupcakes, who I was lucky enough to be neighbors with. People came in droves to sample the delicious cupcakes and look at the stunning cupcake tower. I was lucky enough to get leftovers at the end of the show:)) Thank you Moxie!

Cupcakes in Vanilla, Red Velvet, and Moxie’s signature Double Chocolate were available for the tasting.

Hair by Annaleise and gowns by

Chamonix made for an elegant
and current fashion show.

The hair was glamorous, in an old fashioned Hollywood sort of way, with

interesting and unexpected braids, rosettes and feathers.

The dresses were spectacular, and it looks like predictions were right: The mermaid style silhouette is IN this year, and it was very flattering on all of the girls. Also very popular were “puckering” or “pickups”, and designs with unique accents like this one with one shoulder strap. Beautiful! Thanks to DJ Bri Swatek of Spinning With Style for the entertainment and for emceeing the fashion show.

An Affair to Remember had a lovely

booth packed with bling and all the latest trends in stationary and wedding details like champagne
glasses, flasks, and favors.

Lavender and Leaf’s floral display was lovely. With springtime colors, they were certainly an inspiration for brides looking to plan their spring wedding bouquets.

The Pastry Garden had several very pretty cakes on display. As always, I love to photograph cakes but I almost forgot them!! They weren’t within view of my booth and I found them by chance so I just had to get my camera back out at the last minute.

I especially like this one, with spring colors that reminded me of cotton candy , blue skies and
flowers in bloom!
If I didn’t photograph a booth it was only because I, of course, had to tend to mine. I snapped the shutter in
between talking to all of the very nice couples I met, and some of my fellow vendor buddies. With such a great turnout, I didn’t get much of a chance to wander off and take pictures of everybody and everything.
In any event, what a great show and kudos to The Links on their spectacular redecorating. Everyone agreed
it was tasteful and elegant!

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