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>Splendid October Wedding


Everyone knows I am perpetually behind the 8-ball when it comes to blogging, especially after the rush of fall weddings!! But come wintertime, I do enjoy it and wanted to share this lovely wedding.
Kelin and James were married on October 16th of 2010 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel In Poughkeepsie, NY and had their reception at Christos in Poughkeepsie. Kelin is a dancer on a cruise ship and has the beauty and poise one would expect her to have. James, a piano entertainer also aboard the cruise ship, has the swagger and intelligence(along with a great British accent) of most musicians and they made for an easy-going pair with a flair for drama!
I love a bride that will HAM IT UP just a little and Kelin had no problems doing that whatsoever, and she laughed at herself quite alot whenver she tried to be serious!

The front of Mount Carmel Church in Poughkeepsie offers very little room to step back and take a group shot, but I so love seeing the steeple when I drive down Route 9 that I thought a fisheye lens would fit it all in and it did!!

Kelin’s NOT cracking up in this picture…but that was only for a short second!!

Probably my favorite image of the day, as it captures Kelin and James just as they are, full of laughter and just strolling along. Done with all the hard work of the wedding day and on their way to party with their friends and family.

Christos was looking very nice, having been redecorated with very nice gold chairs and a light creamy paint. It is certainly one of my favorite venues to shoot at, since I love the grounds and the staff is just fantastic!

Here are a couple of very sweet moments, caught by my assistant Dawn, who will be getting married at Christos herself this year!

Thank you Kelin and James, for being who you are and making my job EASY. Wish we could do it all over again!


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