Diversity is a virtue

>Alisa and Derick August 6, 2010


Alisa and Derick were married on August 6th at Christos in Poughkeepsie, in the new pavillion that has been so popular with brides and grooms since it was built. They had a perfect day, not too hot and not a drop of rain. Alisa was lovely in her simple, flowing gown and bright bouquet. The bridal party was a great looking bunch, and the colors were beautiful together.

The guys looked great in their tuxes, and all wore matching black and white wingtip shoes which I really got a kick out of. It’s nice to see groomsmen get into the spirit and put their own special touches on their attire! As you can probably tell, they were a funny bunch and were truly great sports throughout the whole process.

My new favorite place to shoot at Christos is against this simple brick wall, which gives me opportunity for a “different look” to some of the images, and so far the images have been fun!

Derick’s wingtip shoes….ya gotta love ’em!!

I love weddings at Christos. There’s always plenty of places to take pictures, the staff is great, and the new decor inside is beautiful and classy. Chris is more than accomodating, and I think this bride and groom really enjoyed their time there!
Congratulations Alisa and Derick!


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