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>Don’t make the mistake of hiring the "Cheap Photographer!"


You get what you pay for, they always say, and here is one’s bride’s story about how she regretted choosing a discount wedding photographer for her wedding.

Wedding photography is a very labor-intensive and time consuming profession. There are astronomical overhead costs, and most people don’t realize how vastly different professional grade equiptment and experience are when compared to the amateur counterparts. We simply HAVE to be paid accordingly.

While I consider myself an affordable wedding photographer, I certainly wouldn’t consider myself “discount” by any means. My packages start at $1950, which is slightly lower than the going rate for professional wedding photography and my larger packages are quite reasonable as well.

My advice for couples out there today looking for a wedding photographer is to weigh your options well, go visit a couple of established photographers to see the quality and look at package options. You might be pleasantly surprised what you can afford!

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  1. >http://everylastdetailblog.com/wedding-planning/i-took-the-cheap-photographer-route/Here is the link everyone…check it out before making the same mistake!

    March 27, 2010 at 6:19 pm

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