Diversity is a virtue

>Reflections on 2008-The Poughkeepsie Grand

>Well, I’m back from a long period of non-blogging to continue my discussions and reflections on the different reception venues in the Hudson valley. Today I am posting an album of images taken at the lovely Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, which is a fantastic place to have a wedding celebration. I work there often and find it has alot to offer the discerning couple as far as the amenities and services are concerned. The location is also very convenient to almost everything in the Hudson Valley, including the Mid-Hudson Bridge and churches too numerous to list. Also, the bridal suites are gorgeous as you can see from the pictures!

I chose to build myself an example album for my studio that also showcases some of the ways I have begun to employ various design tecniques (brushes, textures, photo-impressionism and so on) in my albums. The couple whose images I used are Erin and Jeremy.

Erin and Jeremy were married in the summer of 2008 at a lovely church just across the river and were such a great couple to work with. They were as pleasant as they were photogenic!
They chose the Buttermilk Inn and Spa for their formal photo session and it has been one of my favorite locations for years. It’s a beautiful, scenic spot that is just a hop, skip and a jump across the river. Enjoy!


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