Diversity is a virtue


I never knew you could have a wedding at Lake Taghkanic until this past September, when Megan and Rob tied there and had a beautiful tent wedding complete with personal, homemade touches and breathtaking scenery.

The couple’s relaxed attitude and the beautiful natural light we had that day were a blessing during the photo sessions. Their was alot of good humor and sincere comraderie among this group of friends and family.

Interesting yellow paper lanterns adorned the tent interior as the couple enjoyed the company of friends and family.

Handmade paper place settings and festive floating apple center-pieces decorated the tent with anorganic fall flavor.
One of the flower girls donned a paper napkin on her head as
she vied for the attention of the groom…certainly she dreams of having a wedding someday and being as beautiful a bride as Megan was!

All in all, I would say a couple can put on a great wedding at Lake Taghkanic. All that’s needed is a little creativity and ingenuity! Kudos to Megan and Rob…we loved your wedding!


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